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Membrane and module of reverse osmosis equipment

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Membrane and module of reverse osmosis equipment

Membrane and membrane components of reverse osmosis equipment:
Reverse osmosis -- (RO) is the original reverse osmosis -- (RO). It is the result of years of research by NASA, with the support of the government, and spending billions of dollars. It was originally used to recycle the living water of astronauts so that it can be drunk again, so that the spacecraft does not have to carry a large amount of drinking water, so it is called space technology. The water it produces is also called "space water". In recent years, it develops very fast in our country. Reverse osmosis is to apply a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure to the solution, so that water can be separated from the solution through a special semi permeable membrane. This process is called reverse osmosis because it is the opposite of osmosis. According to the different osmotic pressure of various materials, the reverse osmosis method which is larger than the osmotic pressure can be used for a certain solution to achieve the purpose of separation, extraction, purification and concentration of the solution. It can remove the organic matters with small ion range and molecular weight in the filtrate, such as bacteria, virus, heat source, etc.
At present, the reverse osmosis membrane of our company is divided into imported membrane and domestic membrane. The imported membrane includes hydantoin, Shihan, Dow membrane, etc. It can remove impurities, various ions, molecules, organics, colloids, bacteria, viruses and heat sources in water with a removal rate of 95-99%. The desalination rate of RO membrane is more than 96%. Its form is roll type element. According to the principle of reverse osmosis, the semi permeable membrane, diversion layer and separation net are glued and rolled on the central pipe with row holes. The raw water enters the separation net layer from one end of the element. When passing through the separation net layer, it is under pressure Under the action of the force, part of the water penetrates into the diversion pipe through the semi permeable membrane. It can flow into the central pipe through the diversion pipe, through the water channel of the diversion layer, and out of the central pipe through the drain hole. The rest is discharged from the other end of the screen layer.
According to the water yield, the water utilization rate and the different composition of the inlet and outlet water quality can be designed as a high-pressure shell and a membrane element group, or as a high-pressure shell and multiple membrane elements.
According to different requirements of users, different water quality standards and different water solutions and solutes separated, the reverse osmosis device can be designed in the form of multi-level series parallel multi-level components, parallel and series combination.


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