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[water treatment equipment] eight hidden dangers of bottled water that you may not know

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[water treatment equipment] eight hidden dangers of bottled water that you may not know:


1. [water treatment equipment] the water bucket has small mouth and large body, which is not easy to clean. If the cleaning is not clean or the disinfection is not thorough, there will be residual pollutants on the inner wall of the bucket, which will cause secondary pollution to the drinking water in the process of water storage;
2. [water treatment equipment] the bucket is used repeatedly, which is used by healthy people and sick people, and it is easy to produce cross pollution;
3. [water treatment equipment] the negative pressure generated after the bottled water is discharged depends on the air that has not been disinfected to supplement (i.e. when the water dispenser releases water, bubbles rise in the bucket), causing secondary pollution of the bottled water, and forming a layer of greasy membrane in the water dispenser; if placed in the place with direct sunlight, algae breeding is easy to occur.
4. [water treatment equipment] the production process of bottled water is simple and easy to counterfeit, so people can't identify the counterfeit water produced by underground black factory;
5. [water treatment equipment] the barrel water has a large capacity of 18.9l, and the drinking period is too long to ensure the freshness of water quality;
6. [water treatment equipment] due to the different caliber specifications of the barrel mouth and the barrel end, the sealing may not be strict, resulting in the bacteria in the bottled water exceeding the standard;
7. [water treatment equipment] the volume and weight of barreled water is large, and it is inconvenient to move, and the weak people can not be replaced in time;
8. [water treatment equipment] a large number of old material barrels (black barrels) are used, so that the quality of bottled water can not be guaranteed.
9. [water treatment equipment] the stainless steel heating tank in the water dispenser, many of which are made of the so-called stainless steel sheet and rich in heavy metals, is used by many family workshops.
The above is what [water treatment equipment] provides for you: eight potential safety hazards you may not know about bottled water.



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