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Reverse osmosis equipment

Product introduction

Membrane filtration system consists of raw water pump system, membrane filtration pretreatment system, membrane valve rack system, backwash system, CIP / EFM chemical cleaning and dosing system, control system and pipeline system.
To determine the treatment scale of membrane filtration process, we should not only pay attention to the total amount of daily water production, but also pay attention to the change rule of instantaneous inflow flow of water plant. Whether to design a large enough regulating pool to ensure the constant operation of membrane, or to make full use of the management and scheduling means for manual intervention to make the membrane operate normally under the variable flux. It needs to be fully demonstrated in combination with the treatment water quality, water volume change, system investment, operation cost, etc.

1592028378162014.pngReverse osmosis equipment

Reverse osmosis equipment
The membrane element is reverse osmosis, which can withstand disinfection CLP treatment. The shell is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel. The inner wall and the used pipes are polished and passivated without dead angle and dead water area to prevent the growth of microorganisms. The valve table, sealing ring and all pipelines are all welded automatically without wires in Germany. The welding level is up to the hygienic level and the water hammer resistance design standard stipulated by FDA, and the pure water recovery rate is over 80%.
Reverse osmosis is a kind of reverse migration movement of osmosis. It is a separation method of solute and solvent in solvent by means of selective interception of semipermeable membrane under pressure drive. It has been widely used in purification and dissolution of various solutions. The common application example is in water treatment process, which uses reverse osmosis technology to separate ions, bacteria, viruses, organics and gums in water Impurities such as body are removed to obtain high quality purified water.
Mineral water mountain spring water treatment equipment
At present, different processes are adopted for mineral water mountain spring treatment according to different water quality indexes. The essential indexes of water are kept as much as possible in the pre-treatment, and the physical, chemical and biological indexes controlled by subsequent processes are within the scope of national standards. Because of the complex water quality, the main ultrafiltration process of mountain spring water can effectively treat the virus, heat source, protein and organic macromolecules in the water.

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