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Coil type ultrafiltration equipment

Product introduction

Coil type ultrafiltration equipment

Membrane filtration system consists of raw water pump system, membrane filtration pretreatment system, membrane valve rack system, backwash system, CIP / EFM chemical cleaning and dosing system, control system and pipeline system.
To determine the treatment scale of membrane filtration process, we should not only pay attention to the total amount of daily water production, but also pay attention to the change rule of instantaneous inflow flow of water plant. Whether to design a large enough regulating pool to ensure the constant operation of membrane, or to make full use of the management and scheduling means for manual intervention to make the membrane operate normally under the variable flux. It needs to be fully demonstrated in combination with the treatment water quality, water volume change, system investment, operation cost, etc.


Coil type ultrafiltration equipment
1. No pre-treatment and pure physical separation are needed;
2. The molecular weight is 10000, bacteria, virus, colloid and particles are intercepted;
3. The roll type membrane structure is firm and reliable, without the worry of damage and leakage;
4. The system is simple in structure and convenient in operation and maintenance;
5. The scale can be large or small, there is no limit;
6. The chemical stability of PES membrane is high and CIP condition is wide, which ensures the performance recovery after cleaning.

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