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Shenzhen Pengxiang Huixing Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in water treatment technology, industrial automation equipment and product system design, R & D, manufacturing and sales services. It has obtained iso9001:2015 international quality management system certification; has eight utility model patent certificates in water treatment; has 3000 square meters of processing plant, has been committed to drinking mineral water, purified water, mountain spring water, other packaging drinking water, beverage and alcohol distribution water industry for many years, and has accumulated rich technical data and engineering experience.
In the past decade, Shenzhen Pengxiang Huixing has successfully provided complete water treatment system projects for Yibao, coconut tree, bamalilang, bamahuoquan, Yake and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and has undertaken more than 400 water treatment production lines, winning high praise from customers.
In the next five years, Pengxiang Huixing will integrate the spirit of craftsmanship into the corporate culture, cultivate the sales and service team with Pengxiang Huixing characteristics, and build a professional and honest brand in the water treatment industry.



Business scope and service area

Water treatment equipment for beverage and food industry: mineral water, mountain spring water, purified water, mineralized water, beer production water, liquor blending water, etc
Membrane separation equipment: drug separation, recovery, concentration and purification equipment
Reclaimed water and waste water recycling equipment: used in petrochemical industry, iron and steel industry, municipal industry, textile printing and dyeing industry.
Pure water equipment for biomedical industry: injection, powder injection, infusion, biochemical product water, medical sterile water, oral liquid, etc. meet GMP standards
Boiler make-up water and desalted water equipment: make-up water for various steam boilers, thermal power plants, hot water boilers, Petrochemical Thermal boilers, etc
Pure water equipment for fine chemical industry: pure water for chemical process water, chemicals, cosmetics, etc.
Ultra pure water equipment for electronic industry: pure water for production process of semiconductor chip cutting and manufacturing, semiconductor chip, semiconductor package, lead frame, integrated electrical appliance, liquid crystal display, conductive glass, picture tube, circuit board, optical communication, computer components, capacitor clean products and various components.
Ultra pure water equipment for solar photovoltaic industry: pure water and ultra pure water for single / polycrystalline silicon, silicon chip cutting, solar cell, semiconductor silicon material process.
General industrial pure water equipment: coated glass, electroplating, surface coating, textile printing and dyeing, industrial solution, industrial product cleaning and other water.
Equipment for desalination of brackish water and seawater
High quality water supply equipment for drinking water treatment, hotels, buildings and communities

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